Sunday, 9 October 2011

Startin' to feel nomadic...

So we've had a fairly rare weekend off together and decided it was about time I get my backpack. I generally pride myself on being pretty laid back, easy going. Don't like to make a fuss.

But every backpack I've tried so far has not been up to scratch. We tried both the travel stores in Taunton. What a let down.

So, yesterday we headed for Bristol! The very first store we went in, Nomad, I found two packs that I loved, and after a few hours pacing the streets, eventually made up my mind on which to get.

It's called an Osprey Farpoint 55. The main pack holds 55 liters and it has a day-sack attached which I think is probably about 10/15 liters. Cost me £100.00 and I think it's well worth it.

Props to the guy in Nomad who helped out with the fit and stuff, I don't know if he got commission on the sale but he knew what he was doing!