Monday, 12 December 2011

Jingle all the way...

Hello, hello,

We have not kept to our promise at all! As you can imagine we are super busy at the moment and unfortunately we have been slacking on some things, also we don't really have a lot of exciting updates at the moment! Don't worry as soon as more exciting things happen this blog will be updated MUCH more frequently.

In other exciting news it is NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!! I love Christmas, everything about it is magically to me still and I get super excited every single year. Now this year we have said that we will not be buying presents as we are trying to save so instead we are DIY-ing all of our presents! It is actually really fun and I hope that everyone who receives one really likes their presents, I've tried to make everyone's slightly different. However enough about that as I do have family and friends who follow the blog and I don't want to giveaway their presents!

But if you aren't related to me and fancy a little tip sheet on DIY presents then check out my journal over at gapdaemon but this is strictly off limits to any family and friends! You have been warned! :)

For all of you perhaps planning a gap year or travel adventure then definitely check out the other articles/journals on gapdaemon there's some really helpful hints and tips and it is definitely a very valuable resource to have!

In other travel related news I have had all of my vaccinations so I am now ready to travel and Dan is going to be jabbed this week! All we have left to do now on the medical front is to buy our malaria tablets and put together a first aid kit. We now only have about 2 months and 2 weeks left, and the time is flying by! Less than 2 months at work and then we can start packing! So expect the blog to be updated more frequently once Christmas has been and gone :) and if I don't manage to talk to you before, 

We wish you a Merry Christmas.