Wednesday, 29 February 2012

We're off!

So tomorrow is the day we've been counting down to for months and months. We actually can't believe it's here, it really does not seem real. We have said bye to our friends and family and all that waits now is the start of our trip!

We had a fabulous leaving party on Saturday and got to say bye to a lot of our extended families and all of our friends. Tomorrow we start the trip up to Heathrow. We decided to stay overnight so it wasn't so much of a rush on Friday and we can have a relaxing start to the day as we have such a long trip! 

I'll leave you with a couple of photos from our leaving party and the next time we blog will be in Thailand!

Our fabulous cakes (and Pinata!!)


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Brain ache

I have total brain ache at the moment, the cause of this ache?! Packing my bag!! Now I have read all of the websites, guide books, help sheets everything with what to take and the problem is these "short" packing lists are actually still MASSIVE! I am pretty certain that everything that appears on a packing list does not need to be taken and I've tried to really cut down packing lists I have seen so I am only taking the bare essentials.

The cause of my brain ache!

I've got a 60L backpack and I don't want to be starting my trip with a full backpack as I know I'll be buying things when I go. The problem is it's really hard to cut things out as I think everything is important. I have no idea where to start! Yesterday I spent a good few hours re-packing and in the end had to give up as it gave me brain ache. I have already managed to make Dan carry a lot of the more sensible things like the First Aid kit and Mosquito net so I am getting away with carrying more fun things and I am STILL struggling!

At the moment my list looks like this - 

  • 2 Shorts
  • 4 Vests
  • 3 Bikini's
  • 2 Dresses
  • 1 Maxi Dress

  • Silk Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Travel Towel
  • Travel Pillow
  • Wash Bag - Which is pretty jam packed but it does have essentials in and I've looked a few times and there's nothing that I can really take out!
  • Sandals

I'll be wearing to travel in a hoodie, leggings, light long sleeve top and long vest top, and my heavier shoes. 

Now writing that down it doesn't look like that much, I have put a few of the more essential items in my day pack which will be coming with me on the plane etc. but it still seems TOO much. I think I might cut one of the dresses and vests out and maybe a bikini as I am pretty certain that I will be buying clothes etc. as soon as I get to Bangkok as I know what I am like! I don't really want to take any thing else out (even the pillow! I like my luxury!) but I don't know! Whose silly idea was it to go backpacking!

Also for anyone who's reading this who has been travelling, how important is it to take your own water bottle? I have one which I keep experimenting packing and not packing. It's 1L so takes up a fair bit of room and I can't decide whether to pack it or not?


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The final countdown

As the title says this isn't the song (although it's a damn good song!) but the final countdown for our trip! We are now under THIRTY days to go until we jet off from the UK. With the freezing cold weather we are having at the moment this is very welcome! 

Both me and Dan have less than two weeks left at work and then we are done and have two ish weeks off to do things, chill out, practice packing our bags (most likely this will just be me!)

I've been sorting out last minute bits and bobs, and the only thing I have to buy now are suncream, insect repellant and padlocks. That's it then we are done and ready to go!

I'm going to be updating Audrey & Clive in the next week or so. It's hard to do blog posts when we haven't started travelling, but I am looking forward to all our travelling posts! 

I'll do a packing post in a few weeks! Enjoy February everyone :)