Saturday, 28 April 2012

Battenburg...Whoops Battambang

So we decided to make a little trip across to Battambang from Siem Reap, it was a bit of a last minute decision as we were orginally going to go down to the coast but decided the coaches etc. were too annoying and would be easier to go across to Battambang.

We booked a hotel and make tentative plans of what to do. Battambang itself is VERY different from Siem Reap despite it being the second biggest city in Cambodia. Because it is in the middle of the countryside the surrounding roads were riddled in mines for years and have only in the past few years been cleared which means more visitors. However it is still developing and as such does not have a bit tourist population. 

The hotel we stayed in was nice enough however we chose the exact moment they were deciding to put a swimming pool on the roof....which meant VERY VERY loud noises from about 7am - 6pm...not great when you are trying to have a sleep after a super long journey.

There isn't really a lot to do in Battambang itself, the town is small and there isn't really anything to see, we walked around for a bit and had a fab breakfast at the Gecko cafe, and decided to take a Tuk Tuk into the surrounding countryside as this is where the appeal of Battambang lies.

The first Temple we climbed up

We visited various mountainside Temples, including hiking up a MASSIVE mountain, with a lovely little guide. We were practically dead by the top of the mountain but the views were magnificent and really made it worthwhile. The countryside itself around Battambang is beautiful and well worth the trip out of the town.

The views from the top
We were at the top!!

We didn't really get up to a lot more in Battambang and only stayed a few nights, it was worth seeing but I personally wouldn't suggest staying longer than 2/3 nights there, you'd run out of things to do very quickly!

However we did try some fabulous juice made from a Bamboo shoot, it was absolutely amazing, tasted completed unexpected and was super sweet and refreshing. If you ever see anyone pressing some Bamboo whilst in SE Asia, TRY some, honestly you will be very glad you did!!


  1. Hey Lucy, the juice is not from bamboo shoot but it's sugarcane. It's very sweet and very common to find in SE Asia! Enjoy the rest of your travels!

    Sephie (from LLL) x

    1. Funnily enough we just found this out like two days ago whilst in Aus as we saw a Sugarcane stand!! Makes sense why it was so sweet now! Not as fun as saying we drank bamboo juice but it was amazing! :) xx