Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Tailor of Hoi An

So after we enjoyed a few lovely relaxing days in Hue we decided to travel down to Hoi An, this time we went via coach as it's a lot easier when arriving in the town. The weather took a bit of a turn for the worst when we left Hue and it dropped about 8 degrees and was chucking it down!

Hoi An is famous for cheap custom made suits and dresses, you can't step anywhere in the town without someone trying to make you a custom designed suit, dress or shoes. Neither Dan or I wanted anything made (nor did we have the room to carry anything!) but it was fun exploring. The old town is shut off from all motorcycles and cars from early evening which was lovely and really helped the atmosphere not to be nearly run down every time you step off the curb! The riverside is beautiful, we weren't too amazed by the Japanese bridge, especially not to spend 90,000 dong (about £3) to walk over it! But we were very impressed by the abundence of fresh beer, most restaurants sell it and you could get half a pint for 3000 dong (9p!!) and it was absolutely amazing, and this is coming from a non-beer drinker!

We decided to do a tour to My Son whilst in Hoi An, My Son is a group of abandoned temples that are unfortunately mostly partially destoryed after the Vietnam war when American bombs were dropped in the area in order to try and kill the guerilla fighters hiding in the jungle. However the temples are still beautiful and the area they are located in is breathtaking. It was a thoroughly interesting day and we had a brilliant guide. 

We got the boat back along the river to Hoi An which is a fabulous way to enter the town, and it's definitely worth the extra dollar to enjoy this experience! We really enjoyed our time in Hoi An and if you do go make sure you take an empty suitcase (or two) as it's worth it to get a few custom made suits (or dresses)! 

We're venturing down to Ho Chi Minh city next, our final stop in Vietnam!


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