Friday, 18 May 2012

AWOL in Aus

Hello again,

So first we must apologise we have been AWOL from the blog for a couple of weeks! Unfortunately due to limited access to the internet in Malaysia and Singapore, then arriving in Australia and again with limited access to the internet we have put the blog on a bit of a back burner!

I'm not sure now whether we will finish our trip in detail around SE Asia as some of it happened so long ago for us I don't know if we will do it justice! However I do plan to do a review of SE Asia and the countries we visited so I'll cover some of the missed cities in that!

We are now in Australia, we have currently visited Brisbane and Melbourne and taken a road trip along the Great Ocean Road. Our plan was to find work pretty much as soon as we arrived unfortunately not really taking into account that it is winter this has been a lot harder than first thought. We have now decided to give up on Melbourne and go back up to Brisbane as we have both secured an interview. Hopefully this will get us a bit extra money so we can afford to do some more travel around Aus before moving over to NZ. Aus is ALOT more expensive than we realised and seems ridiculous when you come from SE Asia (although perhaps not Singapore!)

We do love it but at the same time it seems very english and it's a bit bizarre sometimes to remember you are in Australia, especially on the GOR when at time we felt we were driving along Dartmoor or Cornwall! We fly back up to Brisbane tomorrow and our internet access will probably be sproradic until we find somewhere to stay whilst working, but I promise we will do an update soon.

For now I shall leave you with a few snippets of our recent road trip...

With our Jucy camper
Torquay, VIC
12 Apostles, VIC

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