About Us...


It's always hard to write about you I think, I'll add a bit and then get the "Wolfe" half of me to add a bit more, just so I'm not biased!

My name's Lucy, I've just graduated from University achieving a 2:1 in Law. Naturally any self respecting graduate will know what the next step after university is! 

To of course try to avoid getting a full time job as long as possible.........oh wait that's not it. Well that's what I seem to be doing! 

I'm working at the moment in retail, but as of March me and Dan will be off seeing the sights of the world. 

I am definitely the planner half of our relationship, I love organisation, guidebooks, notebooks (I have a special snoopy one!) you name it for organisation and I love it. Dan is definitely the more creative half of the relationship.

However enough about me, I'll let Dan carry on when I can get him to sit at the computer....


The Wolfe half of you?  I am me. You makes no sense lady!

Anywayz, she knocked the nail on the head when she 'hinted' that it might be trouble to get me on the computer to do this blog nonsense. I made a blog a little while ago . Utter rubbish... 

 But the fact of the matter is, I am indeed the Wolfe. Dan Wolfe to be precise.

I am 22 years old and struggle with the concept of adulthood. Rufio had it made...

So, as with my darling lady's admissal up there, I am similarly trying to avoid the inevitable "job, mortgage, kids, car, dog". And don't even get me started on marriage, goddamnit.

Been working since I left college at 18. Hated almost every second of it. Can't hate every second of it, of course; guaranteed at any job, there will always be a pretty lady to look at. My hatred is quite forthright with my current job, though, and the option to leave it all behind for a year of tomfoolery on the high seas and in strange and distant lands is too good to pass up.

Ah yeah, WallaWallaBingBang, Bitches. 

NB. I am effin' pissed that she took the Courier font without asking!